80 after the wedding decoration need to know the "new home Feng Shui"

Today's post-80s marriage will subvert the traditional line, introduce new styles and styles, and hate all the tedious things. However, some feng shui taboos need to be kept in mind so as not to damage the newlyweds.


1. The bedroom mirror can't believe in the bed. Everyone knows that this is a taboo in feng shui, because the mirror in the bed will make people restless and restless, and it will be easy to see their own figure in the middle of the night.

2. Marriage room layout color taboo Yan Yan Although it is a wedding room, the color is not blindly pursuit of festive use of red, should be more soft colors, simple layout. Too bright colors can make people feel tired and not conducive to a better rest.

3. Marriage room renovation to "marriage room paint" Wedding room decoration can not be sloppy, the choice of paint is particularly important, or else the entire indoor air pollution, health first, so be cautious and careful.

4. Marriage room inside the bedroom should not put flowers, water plants, fish tanks, such as flowers, water plants, fish tanks, these "water" gas is too busy things best in the bedroom, because it will destroy the fire of love.

5. There are too many electrical taboos in the bedroom, especially televisions are too many electrical appliances in the bedroom of the bed. In feng shui, it is called “fire house”. While affecting health, couples are prone to spat. And modern medical theory points out that electrical radiation does harm human health. People who are often exposed to radiation are naturally threatened.

6. Marriage room under the bed in the bedroom Do not accumulate debris in the bedroom bed under the taboo accumulation of debris, often under the bed is not very airy dark place, easy to damp moldy or breeding bacteria, and usually difficult to clean up, resulting in a health corner. From the gas field, the accumulation of debris under the bed can easily affect the personal gas field. It is easy to make nightmares and the quality of sleep is poor.

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